Compute absolute values


Go has no built-in library function for computing the absolute value of an integer. It’s simple to write your own.

func Abs(x int32) int32 {
	if x < 0 {
		return -x
	return x
Warning: The smallest value of a signed integer type doesn’t have a corresponding positive value. For example
  • math.MinInt32 equals -2147483648, while
  • math.MaxInt32 equals 2147483647.
There’s no good way to deal with this. In fact, Abs returns a negative value in this case.
fmt.Println(Abs(math.MinInt32)) // Output: -2147483648
The C and Java standard libraries also behave like this.


Use math.Abs to compute the absolute value of a floating-point number.

func Abs(x float64) float64

Note the special cases.

Abs(±Inf) = +Inf
Abs(NaN) = NaN

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