Variadic functions (...T)


If the last parameter of a function has type ...T it can be called with any number of trailing arguments of type T.

func Sum(nums int {
    res := 0
    for _, n := range nums {
        res += n
    return res

func main()
    fmt.Println(Sum())        // 0
    fmt.Println(Sum(1, 2, 3)) // 6

The actual type of ...T inside the function is []T.

Pass slice elements to a variadic function

You can pass the elements of a slice s directly to a variadic function using the s... notation. In this case no new slice is created.

primes := []int{2, 3, 5, 7}
fmt.Println(Sum(primes...)) // 17

Append is variadic

The built-in append function is variadic and can be used to append any number of elements to a slice.

As a special case, you can append a string to a byte slice:

var buf []byte
buf = append(buf, 'a', 'b')
buf = append(buf, "cd"...)
fmt.Println(buf) // [97 98 99 100]

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